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Fine art reproductions have become very precise with the advent of the giclee printing process. For brilliant, exquisite color and razor sharp detail it is unsurpassed. The word giclee is French and means "spray" of ink. Once completed an image is comprised of literally billions of droplets of ink. The resulting print has no perceptible dot pattern, an endless array of saturated color, and every nuance of the original image. A giclee print is simply the closest duplication of an original artwork that can be achieved.

All Costanza's images are printed on watercolor paper with lightfast inks. Editions range between 50 and 100 in number and are individually signed and numbered by the artist. Some editions are hand enhanced which means that Costanza has applied paint or gold leaf to the print. Each print is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

Prints can be shipped anywhere within the Continental US.  We utilize PayPal for secure credit card and E-Check transactions. Shipping and handling is fixed at $8.00 inside the US.  Contact the artist for adjusted shipping costs outside of the Continental US.