Richard Pousette-Dart's thoughts on Art and Expression / by Costanza Knight

Golden Dawn, 1952,  by Richard Pousette-Dart

Golden Dawn, 1952,  by Richard Pousette-Dart

I have been reading some of the Abstract Expressionist artist Richard Pousette-Dart's thoughts about art from lectures he gave in the 1950's  These writings were collected for a catalogue entitled The New York School, The First Generation, and edited by Maurice Tuchman for an exhibition held at the Los Angeles Musuem of Art in 1965 called "The New York School".

Each of the fifteen artists in the Exhibition submitted some writings that explored their thoughts on the process of creating.  I was particularly attracted to the thoughts of Pousette-Dart.   I will be sharing some of his reflections in this Blog periodically.

One of my favorite quotes of his:  "Art for me is the heavens forever opening up, like asymmetrical, unpredictable, spontaneous Kaleidoscopes.  It is magic, it is Joy, it is gardens of surprise and miracle.  It is energy, impulse.  It is question and answer.  It is transcendental reason. It is total in its spirit."  -Richard Pousette-Dart.

Up until I read this book, I was not familiar with Richard Pousette-Dart or his work.  I was glad to discover his inspirational writings.  I was delighted to find one of his paintings on display at the North Carolina Museum of Art.  It is entitled Golden Dawn and was executed in 1952.